Physician-Supervised Weight Loss

Losing weight requires much more than counting calories, protein shakes or popping vitamins from a local vitamin shop.  Long-term weight loss requires focus on all aspects of your health.    Research shows that teaming with a medical professional produces greater, long-lasting results.  One report indicates as much as 13 pounds more over 12-weeks*!


On the Medical Spa of Midland’s Physician-supervised weight loss program, you will receive the support you need to lose weight and to help you keep it off!  It begins with a body composition analysis; a medical exam including a blood panel to ensure there is no underlying health issue causing the struggle with your weight; and, if needed, FDA-approved appetite suppressants.

Physician-Supervised Weight Loss Programs at Medical Spa of Midland may consist of Metabolic Weight Loss Products including Very Low Calorie/High Protein Meals that were initially created for use with patients recovering from Bariatric Surgery OR the original Dr. Simmeon’s HCG Protocol, or EVEN bioidentical hormone therapies are available if low thyroid or testosterone deficiency is the cause of weight gain.

January is a new year, with new promises to ourselves.  Let Medical Spa of Midland help you keep this Resolution.

Call us today for a free, no obligation consultation 689-6300.

*Study results reported by the Obesity Action Coalition

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