Dr. Syed

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Mohsin Syed, M.D. F.A.C.P.

Board Certified in Internal Medicine

Fellow of the American College of Physicians


Personal Journey

Dr. Mohsin Syed practiced Internal Medicine at Family Care Clinic for nine years before opening Medical Spa of Midland in 2004. The emphasis of Medical Spa of Midland is Health, Wellness, and Aesthetic Procedures. Since the successful launch of Medical Spa of Midland, Dr. Syed has extended his practice to include the “Healthy Aging” program which emphasizes bio-identical hormone replacement therapies. In addition to his work as a bio-identical hormone replacement and medical spa doctor, Dr. Syed remains an enthusiastic Family Physician and has recently begun ConciergeMD Midland.

Mohsin Syed’s journey to “Healthy aging” has been a personal one. As a physician, Dr. Syed knew all about healthy lifestyle choices and nutrition, but still he pushed the boundaries of his own body, working 80–100 hours a week and seeing 30–40 patients a day. He lived on pure adrenalin. Sleep was an afterthought. Dr. Syed didn’t choose a lifestyle change – his body chose change for him. He had gained weight and before the age of 40 began taking medications for cholesterol and high blood pressure. That's when he realized he had to make a change. He had learned the hard lesson that his body needed care and attention and that it couldn't handle such sustained abuse. Dr. Syed quickly began to realize that he was not alone. His symptoms and frustration were the same as many other men his age. Weight gain, high blood pressure and cholesterol counts were daily reminders of the aging process.

Unhappy with the overall effects of traditional medicine, Dr. Syed began his personal journey into the field of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement. His passion and deep appreciation for optimal hormone balance led to his expertise in the “Healthy Aging” field. After embarking on his own personal hormone replacement program, the results were amazing. Dr. Syed's body composition improved significantly. There were marked improvements in energy, libido, weight loss, and overall sense of well-being. Over ten years and 50 pounds later, he has maintained these lifestyle changes. Dr. Syed no longer takes medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol and has kept the weight off.

Friends, family and colleagues noticed the changes and wanted to experience the same benefits for themselves. As Dr. Syed created customized bio identical replacement programs for them, positive results followed. Dr. Syed is now convinced that this field of medicine will be the ultimate foundation for future medicine. With health and vitality restored, Mohsin Syed continues to enjoy his other passions: his two sons and wife Elizabeth, daily workouts, and traveling. Dr. Syed’s personal journey is a testament to the bio identical hormone treatment modalities he prescribes.