Hand Rejuvenation

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Hand Rejuventation

When it comes to combating the signs of aging, much attention is given to facial rejuvenation. However, even if your face looks young, your hands can still give away your true age! Volume in the hands gradually depletes as we age. As a result, the skin becomes loose and wrinkled, and veins and tendons appear.  Environmental factors also play a major role in aging hands. The hands receive as much sun exposure as the face, though they are usually less protected.

There are two major issues that must be addressed during hand rejuvenation: loss of volume and sun damage. Dermal fillers and natural fat grafting can help restore volume. Laser treatments can correct pigmentation, improve sun-damaged skin, and remove age spots.  

As we age, we lose volume from the face and hands. This is a tell-tale sign of aging.  This gaunt effect is caused by a loss of bone density, collagen and, most of all, fat.  Fat transfer can restore volume and rejuvenate the appearance of your hands.

*Fat Transfer Advantages:

After your procedure, try to keep hands elevated for 24 hours and rest them as much as possible for the week following the surgery.  

You will notice the results immediately – your hands will look fuller, smoother, and more youthful. *

 *All medical aesthetic procedures at Medical Spa of Midland are performed under physician supervision for the FDA-cleared purpose.  However, results obtained with this and any treatment can and do vary.