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You've tried everything to get rid of it. You have dieted. Exercised. Tried topical treatments. Even massage. Still, you have noticed that the older you get, the more of it you see. It's unattractive. It's unsightly...and, you should know, it's not your fault.

Cellulite isn’t JUST a fat problem; even thin women can have cellulite. Aging, hormones, heredity and dramatic weight loss can all play a role in the appearance of cellulite. No matter how many miles you run or calories you count, these factors cannot all be controlled.

But you can control how you treat cellulite.

It's called Cellulaze Anti-Cellulite Treatment. And it is now available at Medical Spa of Midland. Cellulaze is the first permanent minimally invasive procedure designed to attack the structure of cellulite, below the skin.* One simple, anti-cellulite treatment. One incredibly smooth body...available at only one medical spa in Midland, Medical Spa of Midland.

*All medical aesthetic procedures at Medical Spa of Midland are performed under physician supervision for the FDA-cleared purpose.  However, results obtained with this and any treatment can and do vary.